He Cares 101 (which means the basics of God is that he cares) was created by a christian young man in the Bronx New York named Robert Morman Jr.   Robert has had a desire in his heart to own his business from a very young age and through maturity in Christ he knew having God at the forefront of his entire operation was the only way to succeed.  He believes the word of God is as precious as the air we breathe, whether in a book or printed on an article of clothing.  The wise words of wisdom that were shared with Robert in his past, blended with the way God is preparing for him now, in addition to the style and innovative culture growing up in the Bronx New York brings the the table, have created this fashionable, fresh, new, inspirational, faith based clothing line HE CARES 101.  We pray conversations are started, questions are asked and answered, and lives are transformed by the wearing of, sight of, and simple interaction with our company HE CARES 101.   We thank you for shopping with us and may God richly bless you.  IJNA..In Jesus Name Amen.